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Necessary items for your wedding limo

Magic and romantic feelings are in the air during the wedding. A new beginning when two souls promise to be with each other. But the wedding is not just about this, it is about guests, important preparations, shopping, and address lists. Making the wedding a perfect and unique day takes an immense amount of hard work and considerable efforts.

Planning for an event does not mean that unexpected things cannot happen like sudden weather changes to surprise speeches by uncles. But, it is necessary to be prepared for the biggest things that might come up. If you are hiring a limo to reach the venue, store some invaluable emergency items.If you are hunting for a limo company, then GTA Party Bus is the perfect choice. We are the leading company for party bus and limo for weddings. Our professional team will assist you throughout your journey.


The mirror is the best friend while you are going to your wedding. You need to make sure throughout the journey that whether you look okay or not. A small hand mirror will help you judge whether everything is in right place or not.

Makeup touch-up kit

Having professional makeup on your wedding doesn’t mean that you don’t need to touch up. A long and intense day can make you look tired. Normally in makeup packages, make-up artists offer touch-ups as a part of their wedding packages, but if it isn’t there, you can make a kit yourself with the cotton balls, swabs, and the makeup products you are using. Apart from the face, have something for hairs too like hairspray and bobby pins. Carry some breath mints if you want to. It all depends on individual preference.


When it is your wedding, plan for the worst too. If in case it rains, carry enough umbrellas to shelter the bridal party so that your dress doesn’t get wet.


A wedding can make you stressed as there are lots of things to do in a single day especially hot days can make you lethargic, hence aspirin will relieve your pain in minutes.

Shoe Cleaner

The wedding does not mean only women’s makeup and grooming but men also have wardrobe emergencies. Keep a cotton clean cloth with you to keep the groom’s and groomsmen’s shoes clean.

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The camera is important if you are looking out to click nice pictures with the friends during your journey. The camera will capture all your delightful moments while you enjoy going to the venue.


Some limo and party bus services arrange the drinks in advance for you but if it isn’t there, carry your favorite bottle of champagne with you. The wedding is the beginning of one of the great adventures of life and it is important to enjoy each and every moment.


We understand that you don’t want a phone on your big day, but it is necessary that someone in your group should carry one in case of emergency calls.

Important Phone Numbers

The wedding is an important day when you have to connect with lots of people-the photographers, limo driver, or reception staff. So, it is useful to have the important phone numbers and the order of event in the hand. Make sure you are able to connect with the people easily probably the best man.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are really comfortable while you reach the wedding venue. Suppose if in case your photo shoot demands an adventurous trek, it is impossible to wear heels. Don’t sit in the corner while everyone enjoys dancing. Just remove heels, wear flat shoes and enjoy dancing.


The wedding is your day and it should be full of fun and frolic moments. Driving to the ceremony should be wonderful on its own. So carry your favorite MP3 playlist with you. A good limo company should be able to accommodate your request and make your moments enchanting.

Red Carpet

A professionally dressed chauffeur rolling out the red( or white) carpet will add style and glamour to your entrance. Many professional and experienced limo companies with strong wedding experience are able to offer this option as part of its package.

Everything mentioned above will help to a great extent and make your wedding extra-special.Be sure to choose the comfortable and reliable party bus with top notch services from us.